Fake Picasso sold at Bishop and Miller Auction House in UK

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Fake Picasso sold at Bishop and Miller Auction House in UK

Fake Picasso from Christie’s London to Bishop and Miller Auction House in UK

Most of us assume that once a fake artwork gets discovered and labeled unauthentic it will be off the market forever. Unfortunately it is often not the case. Many fake artworks end-up in different venues for sale again causing much misery to the collectors and random buyers alike.

This Picasso drawing was offered for sale at Christie’s London on Feb 03, 2016, lot 292. The drawing sold, but before it changed hands a second, almost identical drawing surfaced thus Christie’s London canceled the sale immediately.
The Picasso Foundation examined both drawings and concluded that the drawing just sold by Christies London on Feb 3 is Fake. Consequently The Picasso foundation revoked the certificate of authenticity signed by Maya and Claude Picasso for the Feb 3 drawing and declared it unauthentic.
Christies’ London owned up to their mistake and the buyer of that drawing was apologized to and fully refunded.

Here is a letter from Picasso’s Foundation about this drawing:


This is the translation of the letter above:

“Dear Sir ,
I regret to announce that the sale of this work has been canceled immediately after the sale, and before it changes hands, for reasons of authenticity.
Indeed, just after the sale of London, an identical work (but of different dimensions) surfaced in the United States, with a far more solid provenance.
After comparing the two drawings together, Claude Picasso ruled on the authenticity of the second work.
The first certificate was destroyed and the sale canceled.
Another certificate was produced for the second work that has since been sold.
Maya Widmaier-Picasso also observed the two works and came to the same conclusion.
You should be able to have this purchase refunded from the seller who is fully aware of this matter.
With all our apologies, I send you our best thoughts,
Jeanne Rigal”

Bishop and Miller Auctioneers

Bishop and Miller Auctioneers

The second, the authentic drawing sale result lot #176, June 23 2016, London:

art fraud at Bishop and Miller Auctioneers

 Bishop and Miller Auctioneers

Christie’s London sale of the authentic Picasso drawing



Now, the interesting part of this Picasso’s drawing is that the owner of the fake Picasso did not stop there, but placed that drawing again for sale at Bishop and Miller Auction House. Bishop and Miller were told that this si unauthentic Picasso (please see 3rd line of this letter that Christie’s London contacted Bishop and Miller)

Here is a letter form Christie’s London about the fraudulent drawing at Bishop and Miller Auction house

art fraud at Bishop and Miller Auction house

above is a letter form Christie’s London about the art fraud at Bishop and Miller Auction house

Bishop and Miller placed the fake drawing for sale despite the warning from Christie’s.  Bishop and Miller provided incomplete provenance including only the impressive parts, the good parts that would make the drawing desirable, and make it appear like it has a valid history, such as:
Drawing was at Christie’s London in Feb 3,  published in a book: H.Asmodi, Pablo Picasso, Ballettzeichnungen, Feldafing 1956. Obviousely the drawing was never in this book because because this is a recent forgery of the original drawing.

When Bishop and Miller Auction House was asked about what happened at Christie’s London, they replied


“ it did not sell”


To this day Bishop and Miller claims they did nothing wrong.

Here above is a short video demonstrating how Bishop and Miller Auctioneers sold fraudulent Picasso’s drawing

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