Spectrum Gestalt 4

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Spectrum Gestalt 4

Spectrum Gestalt 4 (June 17- July 1, 2017)

Mika Revell, かわいい雲; Cute Cloud 

Opening reception: June 17th, 5-8pm 

Closing reception: July 1, 5-8pm 

Palmer Earl, Mother and Daughter

Part curatorial, part installation Spectrum-Gestalt brings together artists’ works from a wide variety of genres and mediums, grouping them into an expansive spectrum of color. The first spectrum was one of our most popular exhibits and the unofficial launch of our new Bergamot Station space and has since become an annual open call, allowing the gallery to discover new talent. Spectrum-Gestalt is part of an ongoing series of installation/curatoriales exploring gestalt principles by Australian artist/curator, Airom.


Bleicher Project Space is located inside Bleicher/Gorman (bG) Gallery in Bergamot Station G8A. bG specializes in artists who have blurred boundaries between traditionally divided art approaches in their work with a particular emphasis on bridging ‘inside’ and ‘outside,’ and ‘highbrow’ and ‘lowbrow.’ Bleicher Project Space is an exhibit area within the gallery that has a focus on experimental projects and collaborative installations.



Where: BLEICHER/GORMAN (bG) Gallery Bergamot Station – Space G8A, 2525 Michigan Avenue, Santa Monica 90404 Phone: +1 (310) 906 4211

Hours: 10-6pm Tues-Sat or by appointment.

Website: bGartGalleries.com

Press Contact: Om Bleicher om@bgartdealings.com (310) 237 6423.

Press Packet/Images: Please contact gallery

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