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Alekasander Balos is a contemporary artist specializing in painting. Balos was born 1970 in Gliwice Poland to a father who was a self-taught artist. Through the help of a sponsor, Balos had an opportunity at the age of 18 to re-locate to the U.S. In 1995 Balos received B.F.A. in painting, and afterwards moved to Chicago where he completed a 2-year program at The School of Representational Art. At SORA, Balos studied drawing and painting of the human form with Bruno Surdo and Mike Chelich utilizing the Old Masters painting techniques who’s lineage and methods dates back to Jacques-Louis David. While still enrolled at the school, Balos was offered his first solo show at Ann Nathan Gallery in Chicago, who still represents his work to this day in the Midwest and various art fairs. Figurative realism and portraiture constituted most of the body of Balos’ work in the ’90s and early 2000s. During that time, Balos returned frequently to Europe to research painting techniques and contents of the old masters’ paintings. Balos’ contemporary paintings utilize human figure to portray various ideals and faults of human existence without suggesting solutions. The narrative compositions are intended to be interpreted by the audience, as only then the paintings gain their temporary and subjective meaning. In 2005 Balos moved to Northern California and currently reside in Mt. Shasta, where he operate an art atelier.